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The Minnesota Twins Baseball
The Minnesota Twins Baseball
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Best Hotel for Minnesota Twins & Minnesota Wild Games

The Twin Cities are a great hub for professional sports, and here at the Marquette Hotel—smack dab in the heart of Minneapolis—we set our guests up in style for enjoying world-class athletics firsthand.

Today we thought we’d spotlight two of the highest-profile local franchises, one—the Minnesota Twins—just kicking off its regular season and the other—the Minnesota Wild—just wrapping it up. Come join us for Autograph Collection luxury hospitality at the Marquette Hotel, and catch some baseball and ice hockey while you’re at it!

Minnesota Twins

We’re only about a mile from the Minnesota Twins home ballpark at Target Field, making it easy and convenient to watch some Major League Baseball, Minneapolis-style. The Twins have called our grand city home since 1961; the franchise itself began in Washington, D.C. 60 years before that.

The Twins’ home opener falls on April 5th against the Seattle Mariners, whom they’ll also host on April 7th and 8th. They welcome the Houston Astros in April 9th through the 11th, then the White Sox the 12th through the 15th and the Cleveland Indians the 17th and 18th. After a stint on the road (against the Tampa Bay Rays and New York Yankees), the Twins return for more homestands versus the Cincinnati Reds (April 17th through the 29th) and the Toronto Blue Jays (April 30th through May 2nd).

You can see the full 2018 Twins schedule—and nab tickets for home games—right here.

Minnesota Wild

With the creation of the Minnesota Wild in 2000, the Gopher State laid claim to its very own National Hockey League team. The Wild’s well-defended rink is at St. Paul’s Xcel Energy Center, an easy drive or public-transit ride across the river from the Marquette Hotel.

At present the Wild sit third in both divisional and conference standings with a couple more weeks of regular-season play. Upcoming home games are against the Nashville Predators on March 24th, the Boston Bruins on March 25th, the Dallas Stars on March 29th, and the Edmonton Oilers on April 2nd.

Lock down your Minnesota Wild tickets for Xcel Energy Center games here!

A Sports-Centric Getaway to the Marquette Hotel

Whether you’re a dyed-in-the-wool Twins or Wild partisan or simply an all-around sports fan, catching some bat-and-ball or hockey action in the Twin Cities—not to mention Timberwolves basketball, Vikings football, or United FC soccer—is one of the joys of a downtown Minneapolis stay at the Marquette Hotel!

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