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Hotel for Minnesota Craft Beer Festival

Has there ever been a better time to be a beer fan in the USA? The American craft-brewing scene is huge, varied, and still expanding—earning a global reputation in the process. Some mighty tasty microbrews hail from the Gopher State, mind you, and you’ll have an unbeatable opportunity to sample them—plus high-caliber offerings from some of the finest beermakers around the country—at the Minnesota Craft Beer Festival this month!

With downtown accommodations at the Marquette Hotel, you’re all set to enjoy this one-day celebration of hops, malt, and liquid creativity, which takes place Saturday, April 14th at the Minnesota Convention Center (Hall E) just a few blocks away.

A Sudsy Smorgasbord

The Minnesota Craft Beer Festival doesn’t skimp in the variety department, that’s for sure: More than 300 kinds of beer (yes, 300) will be flowing during the proceedings, from wheats and lagers to IPAs and stouts. The unlimited pours will be supplied by the better than 90 breweries taking part in this beer-y love fest. These’ll encompass a host of Minnesota craft breweries—among them Utepils Brewing, Waconia Brewing Co., Mankato Brewery, and Lupine Brewing Co.—as well as highly esteemed outfits from other corners of the country, including San Diego’s Ballast Point Brewing Co., Salt Lake City’s Uinta Brewing Co., Milwaukee’s Lakefront Brewery, Tampa’s Cigar City Brewing, and Brooklyn’s Evil Twin Brewing.

As part of the extra-special appeal of the Minnesota Craft Beer Festival, each participating brewery is bringing at least one limited-release or taproom-exclusive beer to pour.

As you quaff your way through the festival’s offerings—comparing the finer points of ABV, color, mouthfeel, and all of that—you’ll be treated to the classic-rock stylings of the band Rough House (“AC/DC to Led Zeppelin, We Got It Covered”).

Get Your Tickets for the 2018 Minnesota Craft Beer Festival—and Lock Down Your Room or Suite at the Marquette Hotel

The Minnesota Craft Beer Festival traditionally sells out, so don’t delay: Nab your tickets today! The festival runs from 1 to 5 PM on the 14th, the first hour devoted to Early Entry ticketholders. All proceeds from the festival, by the way, go to a very good cause: Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity.

For luxurious, cosmopolitan lodgings within shouting distance of the festival at the Minneapolis Convention Center, choose the Marquette Hotel: We’d love to treat you to our signature Four Diamond hospitality while enjoy the wonderful world of Minnesota (and beyond) craft beer!

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